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  1. VIN Number Can Be Found at Right Hand Side of Your Windshield (just below your windows wiper) or at one Side of Driver's Door.
  2. Double check Your Address Location!
  3. We are in Texas, U.S. and, We Only Serve -> "70 Miles radius away" from Our Address Location: 105 East Braker Ln., Austin, TX 78753 + Phone: (512) 563-

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When Making an Insurance Claim, Please Follow These Steps:

  1. Call the Glass Claims Phone Number supplied by your Insurance Company.
  2. Tell Your Insurance Company You Already Have Aztek Auto Glass, LLC Windshield Replacement Company.
  3. Supply Your Insurance Company the Following Information: Aztek Auto Glass LLC, 105 East Braker Ln., Austin, TX 78753 + Phone: (512) 563-

Visit With Us 105 E Braker Line, Austin, TX‎ 78753 - ‎Open MON-SAT from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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